Question 85 Wastegate

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Fri Sep 28 21:19:22 EDT 2001

The larger port on the bottom is tied straight into the intake plenum, the
smaller port on the top is either open to atmosphere, or connected to the
Waste Gate Frequency valve, if the car is so equipped.

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'89 90tq

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> Oh great Quattro gods,
> i have a question,
> I recently aquired a wastegate of a 85 TQ, and want to know if it utilizes
> signal vacuum line to open it. or does it only use the pressure created in
> the exhaust manifold to open it ? asking because it has two ports
> it. one on the top and a bigger, ~3/8 of an inch in the bottom part, wich
> was disconnected.
> thanx again
> Rafael
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