Coolant temp switches (83 urq)

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Sep 28 18:48:34 EDT 2001

> On a related theme, I would like to install a water temp gauge.  Any
> neat tricks with senders (factory or aftermarket) and that I can try
> with an aftermarket gauge?  I've thought about getting the radiator
> outlets (from the cylinder head) that have places for switches/senders
> like some of the 4000's and 5000's have.  The same would go for oil
> press/temp gauges, too.

Well, I guess the only thing that will "slow you down" with doing this
is that you have a boost gauge in the inst cluster, right?

ignoring that for a moment, all you should need is the console gauge set
from a coupe GT (early or later - different cosmetics - whichever you
like...), a water temp gauge from same car to go in your cluster, the
two pin oil pressure sender from the same donor, and an oil temp sender
to screw into the bottom of your oil pump, and the water temp sender,
again from the same car.  You'll end up with a voltage gauge as well for
your trouble!

figure out what to do about that silly boost gauge and those foolish
diff lock switches and all this other stuff will fit right in like its

Huw Powell

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