5ktq fuel tank options.

Tom antiriced at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 28 17:35:40 EDT 2001

Looking for fuel tank repair / replacement options for my 5k. What looks
like the original tank has sprung a leak.. I'm considering having a portable
"No Smoking" sign made just for when I park the thing on the street. Hate to
think what just a  misplaced stray cigarette could do..

Browsed through the archives but didn't see any creative solutions other
than replacement. I've heard of cars from the same vintage being on their
3rd tank so I'm hoping for something a bit more permanent. Considering
having the thing dipped / coated but I have reservations about the long term
durability of these treatments. Also dreading disrupting the brake lines as
15 yrs of Michigan winters have not been kind. Ditto the fuel lines /
accumulator but I was already prepared to re-plumb that part of the car. Has
anyone had luck carressing the tank out without disrupting the brake lines?


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