V8 taillights group purchase

Zsolt zed123 at telusplanet.net
Fri Sep 28 13:47:29 EDT 2001

Just wondering what the advantage of having the V8 lights in the back.
Is it just the look? I never had any problems with my 5k lights in the
back. They never leaked etc. I just put Eurolights in the front however,
and it is a world of difference. :)

On a different note I had a great RS4 experience in Europe. Saw one on
the autobahn "flying" by me.


TM wrote:
> Just to give you an update-
> The V8 taillights in question are US spec V8 taillights.
> They include the left and right taillights and the center
> reflector panel. They are brand new.
> They may be less than $329, plus shipping. I have to see
> what the vendor has to say about this.
> They are a special order item so it will take a few weeks
> for shipping. I will hopefully get a better sense of the
> actual shipping time once I get back more solid price info.
> If anyone is interested in getting a set of V8 taillights,
> this is the time to do it- they are about $600 from most sources,
> and more than that if you just go to your local dealer and order
> a set.
> I only have four people (including myself) who are definitely
> interested. Anyone else, speak up soon.
> I'll post GP order procedures once I get them.
> Oh- BTW, it will be from a US based vendor that can accept credit
> cards, so no concerns about sending certified funds/wire transfers/etc.
> Taka
> '91 200q

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