[s-cars] Trip Report: QCLUB at Road America 2001

Kaklikian, Gary Gary.Kaklikian at compaq.com
Fri Sep 28 10:38:57 EDT 2001

Great report Scott! This truely was a memorable experience! I appreciate
the dubious distinction of "Best run what you brung!" More on that

Road America being one of the premier tracks in the country, I have no
regrets about traveling 1100 miles each way for the opportunity to put
in ~80 laps there as well as meet a great group of Midwestern Audi
fanatics.  The diversity of cars present, both Audi's and non-Audi's,
was truely amazing,  and many of the instructor's cars were trailered
in.  I had a great time with both of my students - Tom M. and Kent W -
and the enthusiasm and dedication of all the instructors and students
was wonderful.

It is a tribute to the Qclub organizers, in particular Larry B., and the
RA course workers, that the event was run safely and smoothly over the
two days.  Other than some chilly conditions in the early morning hours,
the track was fast,  the turbo cars were in their element in the cool
weather, and adrenalin levels were high.  There was a fair amount of
attrition too, what with many mechanical problems and off track
excursions, although the lion's share of these involved marques other
than Audi's.   The poor guy in the M3 who had cooling system problems
throughout the event which eventually disabled his car. The 944 turbo
that blew an oil line and spewed oil over the track near turn 5. The '00
Vette that went into the wall at the Kink at 90mph, deploying both air
bags and seriously mangling the frame. 
(Makes me wonder wonder what would happen to a 4000 in a similar
incident ---- think it's time for a rollcage!)

For me personally, the most fun was dicing with Craig J.'s 4000tq race
car(aka Lava Machine), Larry T's 5000tq race car (weighing only
2800lbs!) and numerous 944's and 911's.  Up until now, I've always run
track events on well-worn street tires, but the Kumho V700's were
definitely an improvement. Also, for once I had no brake problems
(cooling hoses are invaluable), although next time more aggressive pads
are in order.

 Unforunately, my 4000tq never ran right the whole time.  I should have
known when I mentioned to my mechanic before I left Colorado, "The one
thing I never worry about on this car is the engine",  that I was
cursing myself! Even before the event I noticed the exhaust was louder
than normal, which I erroneously attributed to the air density at low
altitude. (Interestingly, the idle also increased by 200rpm compared to
here at 6000ft and the fuel pump squawking disappeared). It turns out I
have a cracked exhaust manifold and/or downpipe.  Plus, I had a leaking
turbo-intercooler hose. Hopefully, I didn't burn any valves driving on
the track with these conditions and limping all the way home to Denver.

So, not only did my car look like s$#t  as Scott points out (ok, so
there was no time to finish the fender flares or get a real paint job),
but it ran like s$#t as well!  

Anyway, I have no regrets about the long trek to RA (though next time a
trailer might be in order), and for those of you who have not had the
chance to drive there, I highly recommend it.  Worn street tires and
good brake pads are all you really need for a very rewarding experience.

(Oh and a special thanks to the guy at the truck stop in N. Platte, NE
who grinded down the fender lips inside my rear flares that allowed me
to continue on to RA.  I had loaded the car a bit too much with race
tires/wheels, tools, parts, etc and there was a nice scrapping noise
from the rear whenever I went over a dip on the highway - gouges in the
tires to prove it.)  

Gary Kaklikian
'86 4ktq 
'92 S4

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> Subject: 	[s-cars] Trip Report:  QCLUB at Road America 2001
> September 23. 24, 25
> Road America  Elkhart Lake WI
> Conditions:  Monday: lower 50's cloudy 35-35mph wind gusts
> Tuesday:  Lower 50's 20-25 wind gusts
> Eventmaster:  Larry Boyer, Esq
> Cars:  ~125
> Ok, boys and girls, by popular demand, the Best Of format continues.
> For 
> those of you that haven't been to this track with your audi, you
> should this 
> is one of the best in the world.  For those of you that haven't been
> to a 
> track event, you should, Qclub runs some of the best.  For me
> personally, 
> some last minute scheduling (and alternator swapping) issues made my
> arrival 
> most poste haste.  After my scolding from Larry for my lack of q-com,
> the fun 
> begins.  Here's the best as I can remember:
> *  Best Preflight data acquisition:  Fellow lister Bob Dupree sighting
> of me 
> pushing the 87 qwagon (22psi, Big Reds, "mods") the last 100yards to
> his 
> garage.  My type 44t btw, runs at 6.1 volts (3 blocks away), but not
> at 5.9v. 
>  Timing is everything.  A very humbling moment for this audi
> tweekster, dying 
> audi, no tools.  Thank god for best friends.
> *  Best Preflight acquisition:  Fellow lister David Hackl, looking for
> ways 
> to improve his visual flight rating (91cq, 93 90cs, 4k, 75 911S),
> stopping in 
> Detroit on Friday, picking up a 79 930t, checking the oil, then off to
> RA.  
> Black/Black, any officianados' clear definition of Lucifer hisself,
> all of us 
> praying for no wraths of audi gods for the blasphemic intrusion.
> *  Best last minute:  Wasn't me, it was Ingo Rautenburg (ex v8, 91
> 200tq), 
> driving straight thru Detroit to Elkhart Lake Sunday night, arriving
> just in 
> time for track time Monday morning.  Somewhere in Ingos scrambled
> ramblings, 
> we heard some story of stud conversions gone array (stripped), and
> dremel 
> tool fixes of said studs.  I believe Ingo is now ISO dremel certified
> down to 
> 14x1.50.  Cool.
> *  Best Preflight check:  Taking the family wagon to the track can be 
> humbling, emptying juice containers and Mickey D's milk shake
> leftovers (half 
> full still) from the rear map pocket.  Thankfully, I managed to hide
> the nail 
> polish and lipstick before anyone saw.  Some kidsmeal varmit still
> found it's 
> way onto the rear floor, wondering what was up with the wild ride, I'm
> sure.
> *  Best of Show:  Tie between 2 classics one beginning an era, one
> ending.  
> David Hackl's '79 930t and Dean Treadway's stock euro 90 20v urq (abs
> and 
> all- yep that one we all saw on mentioned on these lists).  Both
> black, both 
> classics, both set apart from the all the rest in engineering and
> design 
> visions, one forshadowing, one reflecting.  I stared a long time at
> both.
> *  Best ride:  Tie again, both non audis too.  David Hackl allowed me
> the 
> pleasure of piloting his machine, a higher honor would be tough to
> recieve 
> from any friend.  I explored well below the limits of this beast, and
> fully 
> understood the boldface 911 rule book quote:  Don't lift in a 930.  I
> tried 
> to just test this in Turn 1 (wide safe sweeper), even a slight lift of
> the 
> throttle brought quick signs of how close those dark shadows breathe
> within 
> this beast.  The close second, and ironic comparo, was my right seat
> ride in 
> the tweeked 993tt.  The limits of this car are certainly higher than
> most 
> could ever possess, and it was quite evident, even from the right
> seat.  A 
> raw but kinder evolution of the marque.  Just the thought of being car
> sick 
> from acceleration g's crossed my mind, thankfully I got over that
> feeling.  
> Jeezes!
> *  Best enthusiast award:  Kent Anderson, in back brace from a carting
> mishap, directing the students in the exercises, as well as driving.
> I 
> believe it was only on Larry's insistence that Kent couldn't instruct
> in car. 
>  Kent's story of the carting incident was rather harrowing I might
> add, but 
> good to see him well and helping out as always.
> *  Best troop deployment:  The very strategic identification of a
> potential 
> security risk (of life, limb and fun) by both Mary and Larry, when 2
> rogue 
> Porsches showed up piloted by two very competitive and excited
> brothers.  A 

> bit of shuffling, and a fellow 911t driver got the 993, I got the 2001
> carrerra 2 brother.  After tearing down some of the ego and
> testosterone, and 
> building back up the basics, I found both these guys to be eager to
> learn, 
> albeit trying harder than the laws of physics might accord.  After
> constant 
> warnings of building speed, not carrying speed on a new track, Newton
> managed 
> to grab my Carrera 2 driver in turn 12.  Which leads to...
> * Best Quote of the Day:  As Sergio and I awaited rescue in the
> gravel, we 
> went thru all the specifics of how and why what happened did (your
> basic 
> violation of rule 1 in the 911 chassis handbook - see above).  After
> we 
> pulled into the pits, he asked me to sum up the off.  "Well," I said 
> (thinking how he had just taken me out the run group before in his
> bros 993): 
>  "Thank god it wasn't in your brothers car".  His face got ashen, "Oh,
> god, 
> he would have killed me!"  Yup, a lot to learn yet.
> *  Second Best Quote of the Day:  After Dave's generous offer of the
> controls 
> to the 930, a look at A008P tires (recalling a very arduous snow
> journey with 
> them years ago), a look at the sky.  "Thanks davey, I'll certainly
> take a 
> pass if it rains tho".  The automotive definition of a "rain check"
> quattro 
> guys don't understand.
> *  Best Advice at the time:  After a disallowed pass by my student
> between 1&
> 2 (an incidental pass from sheer speed differential chasing a 90q thru
> turn 
> 1), the flagperson at 2 stood and was on the radio quickly advising
> the 
> others.  My student asked what he should do.  I said, "Well at Road
> America, 
> you want to "get small", drive like your car is 2 inches tall, maybe
> they 
> won't see us."  He eased his way around the course, solid looks, no
> flag.  
> Whew.  Steve Martin would proud.
> *  Best Impulse buy:  Larry's Mary talking about how she was going to
> buy 
> Dean Treadway's sweet 91cq 20vt conversion at the dinner Monday night.
> Er, 
> Dean wasn't aware of any of this until Tuesday am, btw.  Touche Mary,
> don't 
> let your "husband" drive that car.
> *  Best Impuse act:  Werner Krause was revving up the crowd at the
> Osthoff 
> Monday night, speaking of Ice Driving schools in WI, and another qclub
> in the 
> region.  After paying a mispoken tribute to Eventmaster Larry Boyer
> and "his 
> wife Mary", Larry gave a look to Mary I would have loved to have on
> film.  I 
> decided that announcement needed some encouragement, so I led the fork
> on the 
> crystal clink to the "newlyweds".  God if only Larry and Mary knew,
> Werner.  
> Ah, details.
> *  Best Food:  Unlike so many other events, it's so tough to beat the
> Ostoff 
> itself.  I enjoyed a fine morsel of tenderloin that would rival the 
> Stockyards in Dallas.  Dave, Ingo and I also enjoyed some fine
> breakfast 
> there as well, the Potato pancakes with cold salmon was supreme.
> *  Best Off:  Keith Anderson, went so straight on turn 1, that you
> could see 
> the 4 skid marks, then sight the scope way out into the gravel.  So
> far out, 
> that I had to beep and wave at Keith to make sure he was, er, ok :).
> To his 
> credit, he was so busy putting on brake pads that he only got a couple
> runs.  
> Many of us must have forgotten to tell him, that despite his MN roots,
> it was 
> indeed cold on that track.  I really doubt his tires ever got hot,
> always 
> presents those problems in basic physics.  But hey, if you are gonna
> go off, 
> might as well do it right (3 towstraps deep has to be some sort of
> record).
> *  Best brag of Qclub:  Of some 3 trailer type totals (1 engine total
> - 944t, 
> 1 engine stress - C4 mishift , 1 Z06 er, subcompact), Non marque = 3+,
> audi = 
> 0.  Touche.
> *  Best run what you brung:  I got to drive Gary K's turbo 4kq.
> Interesting 
> testoterone killer.  The first couple laps his race tires prevented
> fast 
> laps, gave a bunch of S cars the pass signal.  Once the tires were
> warm 
> however, trying to get those passes back, ended up being my take
> instead of 
> their "give".  Spray can painted fender flares sometimes can just
> spoil a 
> good party.  Great job Gary, spoil away!
> *  Best of the Rally roots:  Susan Anderson (tweeked 1.8t) reeling the
> 87tqw. 
>  As my engine temps started to rise, decided to resort to more
> creative 
> tactics.  A bit of the dust smoke screen exiting the Carousel only
> managed to 
> sway but not deter her gain.  I believe it was the very next lap that
> we 
> trained by her husband, er, trying to prorally with R1's.  
> *  Best kidding aside:   Hey Dave, that was a great shot of your 930
> in the 
> carousel.  Oops, but you're in the passenger seat.  Almost bought the
> pic, 
> but I'd rather have another ride ;)
> *  Best technical information:  Another 20vt guy fron colorado, boost 
> controller cranked, getting cutout here at flood altitude.  After a
> long 
> dissertation regarding boost, altitude, MAFS, etc, the frustrated guy
> said, 
> "But what can I do TODAY".  Lifting my right arm grabbing that
> imaginary 
> shrapnelknobben, with counterclockwise motion.  Damn, could have done
> that 10 
> minutes ago ;)
> *  Best Compatriot:  In deference to any license plate, Keith Anderson
> had a 
> US Flag in said location.  Seemed a bit small from afar (all inuendos 
> inserted here).
> *  Best track train:  Porsche America, Porsche turbo, Larry Tyvie's
> Stock 
> 5ktq race car (?!!?!?!?!),  M3 lightweight, MTM, etc.  Zoom Zoom.
> Sometimes 
> nothing need be said.
> *  Best Audi by Jake = $14.95:  Losing the PS belt on Monday.  Good
> quads by 
> Tues night.  Aha.
> Ok, that's enough, this won't fit on the 20v page as it is.  Lots of
> fun, one 
> of my favorite events.  My usual thanks to Larry and Mary, a great
> team, and 
> this time certainly a special thanks for graciously accomodating my
> late 
> ante.  To the sponsors of the event, another thanks, a very
> complementary 
> effort by some fine people.  To Bob Dupree for the last minute garage
> time, 
> and I will say that it's just not the same here without the LT1
> rousting the 
> birds in Kettle Bottoms.   To David Hackl, for his pre event
> organization of 
> the Chicao Corps, and for sharing an even better toy this time, I'll
> relish 
> that drive for a long time my friend.  To Ingo R, for making the trip
> at "all 
> costs" to share in a great reunion of old friends, as well as allowing
> me the 
> drive of the 200tq.   Gary K, for the tossing of the keys to the toy,
> most 
> fun. To the brothers Daniel and Sergio (my student) for really showing
> Qclub 
> has a system that can pass the most interesting of self-tests, without
> upsetting either the event or anyone's enjoyment of it.  To my wife
> for the 
> consistent tolerance of my q-enthusiam, and the trade of my 4runner
> for the 
> wagon, I owe much more than the track fix of the pass window
> regulator.  My 
> kids for showing how much hidden storage space really exists in an
> audi 
> wagon.  And finally, to all those longtime students/enthusiasts, that
> take 
> the time to come up and say hi and share a story.  It's great to hear
> them 
> all, even if my memory fails to recall so many of the specifics in
> them.  
> Just more great fun.  Way cool.
> End of Report
> Scott Justusson
> QSHIPQ at aol.com
> 87 5ktqw
> '84 Urq
> '83 Urq
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