Coolant temp switches (83 urq)

Browning David BrowningD at
Fri Sep 28 10:36:56 EDT 2001

I'm trying to understand the function of the coolant temp switches found on
the rear of the engine (cyl. head) on my WX '83 urq.  The Bentley shows it
being a dual switch with both connections going to the warning lights.  One
appears to be for high coolant temp, and the other says "cool. low temp..."
What does that mean?  The temperature is too low and the warning light will
come on?  (That would be anytime it's cold.)  It doesn't seem like a low
level detector, because that would be in the reservoir.

On a related theme, I would like to install a water temp gauge.  Any neat
tricks with senders (factory or aftermarket) and that I can try with an
aftermarket gauge?  I've thought about getting the radiator outlets (from
the cylinder head) that have places for switches/senders like some of the
4000's and 5000's have.  The same would go for oil press/temp gauges, too.

'83 Urq (WX)
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