Air intake temps, turbos, testing?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Thu Sep 27 23:17:50 EDT 2001

Hey list,
I am thinking of doing a bit of comparative testing. I have a standard Audi
5000 air intake temp sensor, I assume it gives a resistance based on
temperature, is there a table somewhere that shows what resistance is given
at what temp? Or...could a simple water temp guage and sender be used with a
sender put into an intake pipe before and after the intercooler? I am trying
to collect data to determine how much my intercooler is cooling down the
charged air, and also if a newer (more efficient) turbo would be a huge
benefit or not. I am going to compare the intake temps at 8psi to the intake
temps on my Volvo 940 (small Mitsu. turbo) at 8psi, and also to temps of a
K26 and the K24 if anyone here has any data.
Thanks everyone,

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