Tire Monkies Revisited.

BBBurban at aol.com BBBurban at aol.com
Thu Sep 27 21:17:13 EDT 2001

About 5 months ago you folks might remember my ordeal with the Tire Monkeys.  
This is an ordeal which made me coin the phrase.  Well, here is part 2.

Yesterday I decided to have the 90q20v realigned.  Now I had it done when I 
went though the Tire Monkey incident by Town Fair Tire.  I thought it would 
be a good idea since the front Kumho's are balding on the outside edges.  
Told the alignment guy to please print out before and after sheets. The 
results on the tow was a negative 0.44 total out of a limit of 0.00 to 0.18.  
The guy who did the work this time tells me that even if I hit tons of bumps 
and knocked it off it would have been knocked closer to positive tow and not 
negative.  The camber was also set with not enough negativity (you want 
negativity wait till I go down to talk to the Town Fair Manager).

  Town Fair manager has already told me to get anything back more than half 
of the alignment cost I will have to go over his head.  And no mention of my 
poor wasted tires.  Did I mention I am originally from NY and love a good 

Well any advice on this is welcome but think it is just gonna get plain old 

Hank 90q20v

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