5K Crankcase Pressure

Steve Sherman spsherm at attglobal.net
Thu Sep 27 12:03:06 EDT 2001

Let me try again, as my last post on this question with the "funny"
subject line didn't catch any replies...

It seems that my 87 5KTW is showing signs of oil seeping out of various
hoses that are connected to the crankcase.  Not just the intake air but
also the various ones that are tied into just the crankcase.  My
thoughts are that this may be due to  high crankcase pressure (or
overfilling oil, but I don't think that has happened), but I am not
aware of the mechanism in the 5K engines for regulating the crankcase
pressure.  I don't ever recall hearing about a pvc valve on these

Can anyone on the list give an explanation of how crankase pressure is
regulated and what might be malfuntioning to cause high pressure?


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