dash lights don't work wiht headlights?

Richard J. Andrews tech at flashmail.com
Wed Sep 26 20:42:04 EDT 2001

my experience with the later ie 85-87 4k headlight switch is to go halfway 
between the 1 and 2 and when you see the dash lights
stay on and then you slowly turn the switch till the headlights come on, 
this will work for a while...
not a permanent fix..  that is relay it all and get a new switch.

'86 4kq

>Hi Boomer,
>I had this problem with my '87 5kCSQ; I finally tracked it down to a
>burned out license plate illuminator bulb. I know: voodoo electronics.
>But it is written up for the 5k. I could work my way around the no dash
>lights by lightly lifting the wand that turns on the headlights until
>the dashlights came on and then holding it in this halfway position for
>a second or two before moving the lever to the full headlight on
>position. I do not know if either of these "cures" will work on a 4k.

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