Nice CQ(S2 Look) and 20v in Burlington, VT

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Wed Sep 26 20:19:23 EDT 2001

Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     When you flash the low goes out if the lights are on?!  Well we are
> starting with different vehicles that came with different lights standard so
> the switches may be different.

Not when I flash, but when I flip to high. I havent fixed the "low always on"

>     I started with standard US spec dual filament.  When directly hooked to
> the RS2 lights it causes them to switch improperly, one H1 bulb per high or
> low, but when flashed both with light up (imagine switching a dual filament
> bulb, but now it's just two separate bulbs).

Maybe the flash is different on US spec cars? On Euro spec cars only the high
flash, maybe yours really flash both high and low? And the Coupe you saw didnt?

> With the diode installed on
> the harness the highs are both as they should be.  When I flash and have the
> lights on both light up, the lows don't go out, would have no method to do
> that with the US light switches.

Could you please tell me what diode I should get, and how to hook it up? It is
not the proper way to do it, as Audi made some different connections and a
different light switch. Unfortenately the switch on the RS2 and A6/S6 dont fit
my car, as it seems to be the right way to make it work.

>     Hmmm... German friend says that when an RS2 flashes the low does not go
> out.  Though he mentions something about re-wiring the switches, changing a
> wire to another post, will cause this behavior.

Not when flashing, but when flipping to high (switch pushed forward).

92 Cabrio 2.3E

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