Someone could help me upgrade to knock-sensing ignition?

Bruce Bell bbell at
Tue Sep 25 17:06:46 EDT 2001

Check out J&S Electronics at Since you plan to
upgrade to EFI later, this would seem a logical path.  Since the
last time I talked to them, about 6 or 7 years ago, they've
upgraded their system quite a bit. Even comes with a 2 bar MAP
sensor for turbo apps.

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> To: quattro at
> Subject: Someone could help me upgrade to
> knock-sensing ignition?
> Fellow listers,
> My car has a 2.2l engine with 10:1 Compression rate,
> early CIS with neither
> I'd really like to upgrade it to the knock-sensing
> ignition, but not to
> CIS-E too as I'll be doing an EFI swap in a few months or so..
> I've already foud on the Internet wiring diagrams for
> knock indicators,
> which I could hook up to two NF/NG engine knock
> sensors, but a complete
> knock sensing ignition system would be really better
> (at least, that's what
> I think)..
> Could someone provide me with a parts list that would
> be necessary for the
> swap?
> I suppose I'd have to take the distributor out, plug
> the vacuum advance
> small hose, etc...but what more???
> As always, TIA and I'm really looking forward to
> reading your numerous
> answers to this post!
> Regards,
> Mihnea Cotet
> 85 Coupe quattro

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