Someone could help me upgrade to knock-sensing ignition?

Ti Kan ti at
Tue Sep 25 14:42:20 EDT 2001

Mihnea Cotet writes:
> My car has a 2.2l engine with 10:1 Compression rate, early CIS with neither 
> I'd really like to upgrade it to the knock-sensing ignition, but not to 
> CIS-E too as I'll be doing an EFI swap in a few months or so..
> I've already foud on the Internet wiring diagrams for knock indicators, 
> which I could hook up to two NF/NG engine knock sensors, but a complete 
> knock sensing ignition system would be really better (at least, that's what 
> I think)..
> Could someone provide me with a parts list that would be necessary for the 
> swap?
> I suppose I'd have to take the distributor out, plug the vacuum advance 
> small hose, etc...but what more???
> As always, TIA and I'm really looking forward to reading your numerous 
> answers to this post!

You need the digital ignition control unit and the ignition distributor
from the 2.3L cars (those that have separate fuel injection and ignition
ECUs), all its associated wiring, and of course, the knock sensor itself.
You don't need to swap the fuel injection system.

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