Fuel Lines Disintegrating...

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Tue Sep 25 15:22:06 EDT 2001

Richard Beels wrote:
> Never heard that before but it makes sense.  But if this were the case, why
> does Audi use only one on the return line into the fuel tank?

it doesn't have the 100 psi like the feed line.  plus keep in mind we
are patching, not building - the tubes do not have little "treatments"
to make the hose seal well, keep the clamp in place, etc.

> Yes, you do not want it to leak.  I think I'll double-clamp them when I get
> home this weekend...

> >I
> >think that you're supposed to double clamp (two hose clamps at each
> >rubber hose to metal pipe joint) them - there's something like 100 psi
> >of pressure on that fuel and you *do not* want it to leak. 

Huw Powell



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