87 5KCSTQ Cold Start Questions

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Those temp sensors are identical.  Try swapping them in the interim.  My
Local Robbins auto parts store stocks them for around $8 ea.

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1. Does the CSV body need a ground to function? Can you test it by
removing it from the intake manifold and cranking turning on the
and moving the throttle off its limit to activate the switch, or does
body need a ground?

2. Since I didn't get any spray, the Bentley suggests checking the
temp sender. There are 2 ea 1-pin sensors at or near the coolant flange
the head (in addition to the multifunction sensor and the 2-pin afterrun
system sensor). One is located directly on top of the flange and is used
control idle stabilizer function. The lower one, mounted into the head
itself looks to be identical to the ISV coolant temp sender. According
the Bentley, this sender has between 60 and 1K ohm resistance between
above 68 deg F or 15 deg C. It had near zero resistance when I tested
though I couldn't be sure of the coolant temperature. I wanted to order
or two so I'd have them in stock when needed. Trouble is, I can't find a
part number in the family album. The Family Album cold start valve
shows an 034 906 163 coolant temp sensor, but it's 2 pin and brown, so
can't be it. 

Rod at TPC suggests that it's the same part as the ISV sender, 049 919
Also Rod's out of them. 

So, 1) is it the same as the ISV sender and 2) where is a good place to
one or more?

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