What's riced or not

Richard J. Andrews tech at flashmail.com
Tue Sep 25 11:48:10 EDT 2001

>dying to pour it into the Audi.  My plans thus far include: 17 inch
>rims, performance street/winter tires, performance muffler (changed the
>exhaust earlier but had to put the stock muffler back on hehe) and
>bilsteins and  eibach lowering springs are on order,  and some other
>small tweaks.  i am also going to do some other cosmetical tweaks that
>are "rice" (¹mods that serve no benifit, ¹often decrease
>performance)... but nothing flashy like you would see on every other
>civic or crx.
sounds good..
you might want to consider 16's instead of 17's depending on the roads there..

>so no worries here abut "ricing" out my Audi. but in the meantime, could
>anyone point me in some good directions about engine upkeep info like
>checking vacuum lines etc... ? ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome and
>considered with mods!!  thanks list!
you can purchase vacuum line by the foot.
i find the best approach is to purchase about 10 feet and start pulling 
lines one at a time.
then cut and match and replace.

'86 4kq

>ps. sorry about the rambling, it all just "fit"

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