What's riced or not

Festively Jolly Audi_Audio at webtv.net
Tue Sep 25 11:00:32 EDT 2001

Hello peole! I have my 1st Audi . its a 1988 Audi 90 FWD.  I am a HUGE
Audi enthusiast.  I am trying to really learn about these cars inside
and out, because this WILL NOT be my last.  i actually plan not to drive
any other until i strike it rich and own several Porsche, Ferrari, and
other performance cars of the like :)  SO, i fell into some $$$ and am
dying to pour it into the Audi.  My plans thus far include: 17 inch
rims, performance street/winter tires, performance muffler (changed the
exhaust earlier but had to put the stock muffler back on hehe) and
bilsteins and  eibach lowering springs are on order,  and some other
small tweaks.  i am also going to do some other cosmetical tweaks that
are "rice" (¹mods that serve no benifit, ¹often decrease
performance)... but nothing flashy like you would see on every other
civic or crx.  

so while  i am still learning the actual mechanics of this wonderful
car, i will be doing simple mods that are improvements but also some
that do nothing... but ALL will be in good taste to upkeep the class of
the car.  Friends often tell me to add some neon, huge aluminum wing,
but just get a giggle in return.  

so no worries here abut "ricing" out my Audi. but in the meantime, could
anyone point me in some good directions about engine upkeep info like
checking vacuum lines etc... ? ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome and
considered with mods!!  thanks list!  

ps. sorry about the rambling, it all just "fit"

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