Whats Riced and not riced?

Erik OBrien erik at ebyte.com
Tue Sep 25 11:12:21 EDT 2001

Note: Did not follow the thread, this is not intended as a reply to any
poster. Just my opinions of rice.

I've always considered 'rice' to be modifications that provide no
benefit, just aesthetics. Most of the time they decrease performance.
(Colored lights, neon, wide-ass wheels, way-low suspension, etc.) You
know those colored headlight lenses actually diminish road lighting. 

While powder coated engine accessories provide the same function as
their rusty counterparts, they aren't seen by anyone other than the
people who WANT to look at the engine bay (enthusists), or mechanics who
have to work on the car. A clean engine compartment also makes the car
easier to service, helps identify leaks maybe... follow?  

Now the real HID lighting systems provide improved lighting, which is a
performance benefit.

Personally, I think the colored bulbs are about the worst lighting you
can put on the car. If it's important to you to look cool driving at
night, ride with naked chicks in the car or something. Or get one of
those buttons w/ a blinking LED that says 'Kiss Me I'm Irish'. Or a hat
with a propeller if you need the attention.

There tends to be a huge difference between 'Drivers Found' and 'I Know
What You Do For Me'. The one side ports heads, maps fuel systems, tweaks
waste gates; the other put on neon, big rims, and big chrome mufflers.
Next time you see a ricemobile, ask the owner to explain the
relationship between back pressure and torque.

Just some ramblings,


Parting an 85 4kq ....

"Beatty, Robert" wrote:
> Noticed something when people spoke up about an idea I had for putting
> colored bulbs in the citylight sockets on my H-4's
> Some people considered it "Riced" and others were just concerned about
> legality/safety.
> Now thinking about the term "Ricer"....
> Putting unusual lights or accessories is something thats done in the hot
> rodding world all the time.  I think the line is whats tasteful vs
> outrageous.  Then again, thats all in the eye of the beholder.  Now would be
> putting a Tresser body kit on a 5k be considered riced?  How about all those
> nice powder coated parts some of us have in our engine bays?  The fancy
> wheels from O.Z. or Ronal?  Yes people do some really silly things to cars
> and it seems that the Japanese market cars are in the majority of these, but
> then again, those guys also love their cars just as much as we love ours.
> Rob
> 86 5ktq
> 89 200tqa

Erik OBrien
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