Fuel Lines Disintegrating...

Erik OBrien erik at ebyte.com
Tue Sep 25 10:13:55 EDT 2001

I agree with the double clamping. When I did mine I actually called one
of the better Euro garages here to see if they could replace the lines
with metal. They told me it would cost way more than I expected and to
just use high pressure rubber lines and double clamp them.

So... Just wanted to verify this too.



*** Parting a 4KQ
*** Buying another!

Richard Beels wrote:
> Never heard that before but it makes sense.  But if this were the case, why
> does Audi use only one on the return line into the fuel tank?
> Yes, you do not want it to leak.  I think I'll double-clamp them when I get
> home this weekend...
> At 17:31 9/24/2001,  Huw Powell was inspired to say:
> >Richard Beels wrote:
> > >
> > > I just replaced the fuel lines on Gecko this weekend.
> >
> > > So.... off to Pep Boys for a couple pieces of 5/16" stainless line (brake
> > > line actually, 4' section = $4), some 5/16 ID rubber fuel line hose (2' =
> > > $2) and some fuel-line clamps (4 = $2, need 7, so get 2 packs).
> >
> >good work, I just wanted to add a couple of things... one is that I
> >think that you're supposed to double clamp (two hose clamps at each
> >rubber hose to metal pipe joint) them - there's something like 100 psi
> >of pressure on that fuel and you *do not* want it to leak.  Also, new
> >OEM fuel lines are still available for most of our cars and not
> >incredibly expensive (like $150-180 for a pair for the 4kq, eg).
> Cheers!


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