Wiring diagrams

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Tue Sep 25 09:30:39 EDT 2001

I've been working for some time on an electronic version of the factory
wiring diagrams for the ur-quattro.

I've scanned in all of the diagrams (it's a 4" thick book) and written an
HTML index.  The index has a simple numerical structure, and also lists the
diagrams within the years for which they're relevant, like the factory

I've also done a number of component locators.  Essentially these combine
the index pages for all of the diagrams relevant to a particular model year.
Only about a third of each car is in the base diagram - a lot of the
functionality is described in the add-in diagrams for the autocheck unit,
dashboard, and so on.

I've uploaded a sample.  So far it only contains the base diagram for the
1985 model year and the autocheck unit.  The idea is to look down thel
ocator for the part you're after - column 2 gives the Audi designation and
column three the track numbers.  The track numbers are links to a .png
(portable network graphics) version of the scanned image containing that
particular track.

Ideas, comments and suggestions welcome.  If it seems an attractive enough
idea, it might be worth approaching Audi about the copyright.

I've already finished a component locator for the 1988 and 1990 (MB and RR
cars) that has a lot more functionality than this example - there's a relay
finder, for instance.  If anyone in the UK wants to see the real thing
running off a local hard drive, I'll try and make the Tarporley meeting

URL is http://www.isham-research/quattro/wiring

  Phil Payne
  +44 7785 302 803

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