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Why go to all of that trouble? If you want to run city lights, you
just use your headlamps on parking light position.

If you feel the need to run DRLs, get one of those GM relays and
install that into your headlamp circuit- you'll be able to run
your lows as DRLs all the time, if you like.

I personally hate DRLs, so I don't run my lights unless necessary.
The high-beam DRLs get annoyingly blinding at dusk and people don't
get it when you flash them. Then again, no one seems to get it when
you flash them- I pissed a guy off yesterday who was squatting in
the left lane at 55mph (speed limit 65) with at least a quarter mile
of free space in front of him- flashed my brights, no response, flashed
again, no response, switched to main beams on full, after 10 seconds of
that he pulls over to let me pass, giving me the one-finger salute.


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Taka writes:

> I use my city lights
> in overcast weather and at dawn/dusk for better visibility of my
> car, which I think is useful, so there really is no practical
> purpose to using colored bulbs.

I've been in the habit of running *something* in the daytime. Early on, it
was extra bright side markers on a Volvo, more recently it's H1 or H4 low
beams. Now that I've got true city lights available (S6 with ecode lamps),
I'm going to wire them up to a spare fog light switch (relayed, with
ignition) so I can run them rather than the headlamps during the daytime.

How bright are these lights? Is there a higher wattage bulb that will fit in
the stock sockets? What is the stock bulb?


'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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