10 speaker system post once again

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 14:25:49 EDT 2001


  I posted a problem I'm havin yesterday and got no
responces from the thousands of listers all over the
 I have an 87 5ksq non turbo and previouslly had the 4
speaker system
  well I am in the midst of gettin a welder together
to get a set of black leather power sport seats
installed into my manuel seated car so hopefully in
less than a month I'll have working power sport seats
 I had to replace the front pass-side window regulator
which was done in record time by the way 
 so while I had the door panel off I got ambitiouse
and put the new door panels in to get the 10 speaker
system I got the front wiring harness from Chris
Semple harness consists of the connector in back of
radio to both dash speakers and door speakers and am
going to get the rear harness soon I guess it is allso
tied into the rear deack speakers and dual sound
device on the back deck lid
 I snaked the front harness to both sides of the front
hooked everything up and I'm not gettin any music from
the pass-side dash/door speakers but the front
driver-side dash/door and both rear deck speakers work
mind you I did'nt hook up the rear door speakers yet
but everything works except the pass-side front
speakers I'v allready confurmed that the pass-side
speakers work cause I hooked them up to the
driver-side so all the speakers work just the
pass-side don't work what gives?
 any help would be great.

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