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"all else being equal" is required.  This implies that temperature remains 
constant.  Granted, we are operating under conditions in which 
heating  will have a significant effect.  This is what you are reporting 
below and I find no fault with your report - but _"all else"_ is _not_ 
equal in your setup.  If it were then flow rate would, indeed, be directly 
proportional to pressure at the relatively low pressures we are talking about.

At 10:12 PM 9/23/01, JShadzi at wrote:

>Yes, proportional, but hardly linear, flow decreases at boost/pressure rises
>(just like a fuel pump), and the misconception exists in that fact.  In my
>own car running a K26 (currently), the car is actually faster at 14psi then
>at 18psi- where the inefficient K26 begins heating the intake charge beyond
>the ability of the intercooler.
>In a message dated 9/23/2001 6:10:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>robert at writes:
><< However, Javad, all else being equal, flow will be more or less directly
>  proportional to pressure at the kind of pressure we experience in real
>  world situations.
>  At 08:56 PM 9/23/01, JShadzi at wrote:
>  >No, it does not have an effect, remember, it is flow that makes power, not
>  >boost.  A little swelling of the hoses will not affect flow, and
>  >realistically, will not reduce pressure either (theoretically it does, but
>  >may not even be measurable within' reasonable tolerances).
>  >
>  >A common mistake many make is thinking that boost (how many psi the 
> turbo is
>  >producing) makes power.  It is flow, or how much net _air at a certain
>  >pressure_ is being fed into the combustion chamber.  Two turbos, a K24 and
>  >K26 can be making 15psi for example, but the K26 will be flowing
>  >more air.  Of course, temp (turbo efficiency) plays into this, as do other
>  >factors.
>  >
>  >Pressure alone gives no indication to how much air is actually flowing into
>  >the motor.  Anyway, end of rant  ;)
>  >
>  >Javad
>  >
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