boost hoses

Bernard Littau bernardl at
Sun Sep 23 20:50:11 EDT 2001

Javad writes:
> Yes, proportional, but hardly linear, flow decreases at boost/pressure
> (just like a fuel pump), and the misconception exists in that fact.  In my
> own car running a K26 (currently), the car is actually faster at 14psi
> at 18psi- where the inefficient K26 begins heating the intake charge
> the ability of the intercooler.

As I understand it, flow would have to be proportional to pressure -- it is
the same size pipe.  I would even take the stand that it is a linear
relationship at the pressures we are using.

However, I can see where there might not be a difference in charge mass,
attributable to the difference in temperature.  A maxed out K26 at 18 psi
would also be making a lot of high pressure hot air.

The temperature at 18 psi might well make the engine perform less well than
at 15psi, even if the charge mass is the same; even slightly more charge
mass that is significantly hotter might perform worse.

I would sure be interested in what the charge temperature is at the IC exit
at 18 and 15 psi using a K26, and also using a RS2, all other things being

Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
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