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However, Javad, all else being equal, flow will be more or less directly 
proportional to pressure at the kind of pressure we experience in real 
world situations.

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>No, it does not have an effect, remember, it is flow that makes power, not
>boost.  A little swelling of the hoses will not affect flow, and
>realistically, will not reduce pressure either (theoretically it does, but
>may not even be measurable within' reasonable tolerances).
>A common mistake many make is thinking that boost (how many psi the turbo is
>producing) makes power.  It is flow, or how much net _air at a certain
>pressure_ is being fed into the combustion chamber.  Two turbos, a K24 and
>K26 can be making 15psi for example, but the K26 will be flowing considerably
>more air.  Of course, temp (turbo efficiency) plays into this, as do other
>Pressure alone gives no indication to how much air is actually flowing into
>the motor.  Anyway, end of rant  ;)
>In a message dated 9/23/2001 4:52:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>lee at writes:
>  Watching them rev the engine at idle, I noticed the blue silicone turbo
>  hoses visibly growing. Pretty impressive...but I wondered if some of that
>  boost was going to waste...
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