10 speaker system

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 23 15:18:49 EDT 2001

  Hello listers,

  I have a question I have an 87 5ksq non turbo and
previously had the 4 speaker system 2 in the front
dash and 2 in the rear deck 
 I'm convertin my manuel seats to power got a sweet
deal on a sport interior includin the door panels
 I'm going to get the wings welded in about a month to
mount the power seats
  but my real problem is that I was feelin ambitiouse
today and had to replace a pass-side front window
regulator so I figured I minaswell put the door panels
  so I got the front wiring harness from Chris Semple
it's from the back of the radio to the front speakers
did'nt get to the rear harness yet cause of my
 so I took the old wiring harness out of the car and
replaced it with the new one I snaked it to were it's
supposed to go and something weird is happening my
driver-side dash, and door panel speakers work allong
with both the rear deck speakers
  but my pass-side front dash, and door speakers don't
work and I've confurmed that the pass-side door panel
speakers do work cause I hooked up the pass-side panel
to the driver-side door connector and they do work
it's just that the front pass-side speakers don't work
and everything is pluged in the correct way,
 the wiring harness is in good shape it looked intaked
so my question is why is'nt the pass-side front
speakers working?
  someone saied that I need the rear booster the one
thats attatched to the inside of the rear driver-side
trunk area is that the case?
 Any help would be great.
87 5ksq(original owner)218k euros,2c bbs,eibach
prokit,boge turbogas all round,strut brace,big brakes,
soon to be power sport interior conversion and kinda
functioning 10 speaker system 

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