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Sun Sep 23 11:27:10 EDT 2001

Roger M. Woodbury writes:
> Our 1994 100CS Avant has the infamous Audi-Bose radio without compact disc
> changer.  In the right rear cmpartment is wiring that looks suspiciously
> like the wiring for a changer, and the radio head unit itself looks to be
> the same radio unit that I have in my V8Quattro, which has the Audi Bose
> system WITH the changer.
> I was wondering if this is actually the same radio, and if I get the
> appropriate changer, can it just "plug and play"?

If your radio has a "Mode" button, then yes.  Check with your dealer's
parts department to see if the changer is still available.  It may be NLA.

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