4kq windshield washer switch

Andrew Buc abuc at valise.com
Sat Sep 22 12:01:00 EDT 2001

Long story short, I think mine has died--I pull back on the stalk, and no 
squirt. Things have been leading up to this: getting squirt has been tricky 
for some months (sometimes joy, sometimes no joy, I never really figured out 
the touch), and now it's impossible. I plan to try bypassing the switch and 
seeing if the pump works, just in case, but I really suspect the switch.

Can these be fixed, or should I just plan on replacing the switch? I suppose 
it's a dealer item? Does anyone have one from a parts car?

What with a hard drive crash, I've temporarily switched to Web-based email, 
and I'll be shutting off delivery of list posts to my inbox. So please email 
me direct, at this address, naturally. Thank you.

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