Optimal rpm -CIS vs EFI

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Fri Sep 21 23:41:58 EDT 2001

I agree with Huw, though I am "mister EFI" myself, I respect what CIS is able 
to accomplish completely mechanically, it is very brilliant.  I beleive 
reliability is a strong point of CIS, of all the fuel system related problems 
I have come across on CIS cars, it has never been the fuel dist. itself, 
always a sensor or wiring problem.  At New Dimensions I would have several 
calls a day with people saying they wanted to buy a new fuel dist., I would 
always run them through a series of tests which never resulted in changing 
the FD.

My problem with CIS is tunability and ultimate ability in high performance 
situations.  If the car is to remain stock or near stock, the CIS is hard to 
beat.  It runs smooth, gets good economy, and is dead reliable if maintained 

My search for EFI began when I just ran out of options with the CIS system, 
and found it could no longer supply the proper amount of air through the flow 

Granted, for myself, I will never go back to CIS, the throttle response, 
programmability, and ultimate flow are unparalleled in EFI (compared to CIS) 
above the 250hp range.

Javad Shadzi

In a message dated 9/20/2001 6:14:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
audi at mediaone.net writes:

<< > BTW, CIS is a piece of shit fuel injection system that should never be
 > touched while it's working. The Bosch gods will haunt you for the rest of
 > your cars lifetime. If you do any modification you will most likely regret
 > it, something will break. It does not have to be related but something
 > expensive will break...
 it's not that bad, a bit Rube Goldberg-ish, but it does work.  And once
 you understand the entire system it is not difficult to work on. 
 Although modifying it, as you say, can result in far from optimum
 results... unless you are really sure of what you are doing.

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