Paging all burned wiring experts (a/k/a the $500 '87 5kQ)

Pat Korach tm2 at
Fri Sep 21 15:12:07 EDT 2001


Your best bet is to pull the radiator and fan motor first.  If there was
any wire
melting take a box knife and slit the wire harness cover length wise,
from the fan  motor end.  If you have ABS in your car it is harder to do

because the harness goes under it and along the frame rail into the
 This happened to my 89 200TQ and it melted 8 wires in the harness
down about 2 feet into it.  You may have to check the big red power
leads that come from the fan relays under the dash.  Mine melted
and the fan motor stayed even when the car was off .  I ended up
the whole wire harness to the fan motor and had to do this with the dash
out of the car.

Hope this helps

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

William Magliocco wrote:

> Well, list, I went and bought the damn thing...
> Now, who out there can relate their tales of
> resurrecting a 5kQ after the fan motor seized?
> I will be getting into it over the next few days once
> I get it home from the point of purchase.
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