winter wheels

Mike Arman armanmik at
Fri Sep 21 16:01:40 EDT 2001

The snow tire thread jogged my memory . . .

I have a set of four 14 by 6, 108 by 4 bolt pattern "flying saucer" wheels,
with lug bolts and the little plastic hubcap covers, and I don't need them.
They are straight, decent looking, and ready to slog through the winter
crud and sacrifice their lives, youth and good looks so your expensive
custom wheels may live to see another spring. These fit non-turbo type 44s,
many 4Ks, and I think coupe quattro (but I'm not sure). They came off my 86
5KS - these are the stock rims for the car.

Two for $75, all four for $125. (You pay UPS). I'm in Daytona Beach.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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