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Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Fri Sep 21 22:04:06 EDT 2001


Zaphod Beeblebrox wrote:

> This weekend my Alfa buddy and I will thoroughly clean and polish the finish
> and put her up on blocks. I'm taking off the wheels to get them sand-blasted
> and I will de-grease, re-paint and clearcoat next weekend. Any suggestions /
> warnings here? Once that is done I'll get the new All-Seasons installed.

Make sure you remove the paint from the lug's contact area on the wheel. If not,
the lugs will loosen as the paint under the lugs work off. BTDT twice!

> The headlights are really lame. I'm used to the 4 lamp halogen system on the
> Volvo that lights up the road beautifully. From what I've seen in this forum
> and on the Web, upgrading the headlights is not as simple as just changing
> the bulb. Why not? Are the lenses etc. poorly designed? The lens is a $400
> part, so I hope that isn't the case.

I've got a set of dual H4/H1 lights for sale. You need a custom turn signal for
these to work though. These lights are stock on the Euro V6/Coupe/Cabrio, I
replaced them with RS2 ellipsoid lights. $250 plus surface shipping from Europe.
Pics on request.

92 Cabrio 2.3E

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