DIY EFI System

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Fri Sep 21 14:26:31 EDT 2001

I havn't mentioned much about it lately, but I have gone to great lengths to make the EFI system I developed for my car available to others too, and it is specially catered  to coverting Audi 5 cylinder CIS to EFI.  It is a no brainer system to program, and I am proud to say that several q-listers are either in the process of installing or have installed the system with very good results (even a 20v using an MC ignition system).  

Of course I have affiliations, but this is not a huge business or money maker.  Granted, I make a small profit from each sale, but it only goes to pay back the development expenses I have incurred.  I guess my profit comes from the satisfaction of someone else converting their car reliably and with satisfaction of the results (kinda like the DIY-EFI guys Steve mentioned).  

Considering I have fuel maps developed around the I5 for different injector sizes, results are easly to get.  I encourage you if you are considering EFI, to look at as one of your options.  This is a product from the Q-list, and I hope it could be for the Q-list .  I am not marketing this product or turning it into the business, I want to be clear about that, I just enjoy this stuff, and it is available to others if they enjoy it too.


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> I know that there has been a reasonable bit of discussion here about CIS not
> providing sufficient fuel for engines that have been pumped up a bit.  I
> have been subscribed to some e-mail lists under ...
> the other day a couple of the more active members of the list announced that
> they had produced an electronic fuel injection controller which they were
> making available to the public.  This system is pretty much independent of
> whatever system is in the car, and has its own pressure transducer ... snip>>

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