selling my 1990 90q20v

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Just get a good set of snow tires for that TDI, and you'll be fine.  :)

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>Hi guys,
>It looks like I will be changing jobs, and my new position will have me
>on the road a lot more than the current one.  Because of the extra
>distance, and the fact that I have an almost-new 99.5 Jetta GL 
>TDI which
>gets almost 50mpg (39 when driven hard on a daily basis), it doesn't
>make sense to sell the TDI and keep the Audi.  OK, I confess, 
>the rather
>unique color of the TDI makes it hard to sell for a decent 
>price, so I'm
>kinda stuck with it :)
>I would love to keep the Audi and had thought about doing so for the
>winter, since a lot of the roads I will be driving on are narrow
>two-lane affairs that get a lot of snow and ice, but given the state of
>the economy, I can't justify having an extra car sitting around.  If I
>could sell the TDI, I thought about keeping the 90q, but when your
>income depends on getting to work or a client, you can't risk 
>being in a
>high mile car like this (at least I can't).  I've also considered a new
>WRX or a used A4 1.8tq, but again, I have this TDI I probably have to
>I will post more details and can provide photos later, but the basic
>details are these:
>- black 90q20v with good history, purchased from a lister.  142k or so
>miles now, bought at 130k.  Mobil 1 going way back, fresh ATE 
>super blue
>brake fluid, tranny and diff fluids are recent fresh factory synthetic
>- grey heated leather seats, good condition but the drivers seat is
>sagging (at least to my derriere)
>- mechanically solid, needs diff lock switch, a/c condenser (maybe) and
>radiator leak was epoxied.  Many recent repairs including interior
>switchbulbs, control arm bushings, balljoints, etc.  
>Suspension is tight
>and the car is aligned.
>- no signs of climate control problems
>- new rear pads, rotors, cables, and one new caliper
>- interior very clean, 7-8 out of 10
>- exterior fair, some trim missing, some scratches, 5 out of 10. 
>Blacked out grille, could use a hood, but no major body damage 
>straight chassis.
>- upgrades include relayed euro H4 lights (awesome) with euro clear
>corners, Stebro exhaust, trailer hitch, in-dash CD player 
>(sounds great)
>with Soundgate interface to rear factory speakers, JBL front speakers
>- stock 14" BBS alloys with fair BFG tires, second set of 14" 
>BBS alloys
>with almost new, very aggressive snows
>If you have a serious interest in the car, drop me a line.  It will be
>ready for sale in a few weeks to a month.  It's not a concours dream,
>but it's a reliable, decent looking daily driver, especially for winter
>(the very reason I bought it).  Many of you saw it at Mt 
>Washington this
>year, and I think Alex can vouch for its highway performance :)
>Price TBD, but somewhere in the 3k region.  A nice lago sedan with 120k
>or so just went for $4250 on ebay, but no upgrades and unknown history
>and mechanical condition.
>Yes, this will leave me Audi-less for a while, but that can't last very
>long, now can it?
>| Dan |
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