Brake time for 90Q20V

Andrew Duane USG duane at
Fri Sep 21 12:01:14 EDT 2001

Hairy green toads from Mars made Peter Sperry say:

> The bomb "tests" good, meaning I get 35+ pumps before the pedal goes dead.
> The pads are stock, and there's enough pad left to get me through another
> month.  "Extremely serious" simply means that it takes considerably more
> pedal pressure to initiate a stop than compared to my wife's '01 VW.

My wife's 90Q20V was always a "hard" pedal compared to anything
else we had in the garage. So it may be working correctly, and
simply be a user interface issue. Or has it changed recently?

But, if you're looking for good pads/rotors without breaking the
bank, I always suggest either the Axxis Organic pads (not the
metalmastere) or the Pagid pads, and the ATE power discs.
Good brakes all around, been on most of my cars, never a problem.
Note that neither of these will change the way the pedal feels.


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