Brake time for 90Q20V

Todd Candey tcandey at
Fri Sep 21 11:57:02 EDT 2001

If they are stock pads, you are probably well beyond the range of useable
material. Not many pads have good friction all the way down to the backing

There are a few upgrade paths to go down, really depends on what you want to
get out of the car and your upgrades.


Peter Sperry wrote:

> The bomb "tests" good, meaning I get 35+ pumps before the pedal goes dead.
> The pads are stock, and there's enough pad left to get me through another
> month.  "Extremely serious" simply means that it takes considerably more
> pedal pressure to initiate a stop than compared to my wife's '01 VW.
> Peter
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> > When you mention that you have to get "extremely serious" with the pedal
> > to initiate a stop, does that mean that the pedal is very firm?
> > How much material is left on the pads? Are the pads stock now?
> > Have you given any thought to the bomb?
> >
> > Todd
> >
> > Peter Sperry wrote:
> >
> > > The brakes on my 90Q20V have been slowly deteriorating.  The car has
> > > never had stellar braking, but it's getting to the point where I have
> > > to get extremely serious with the pedal in order to initiate a stop.
> > > The car is mostly stock except for 15" wheels from the later 90 and
> > > 100 series. What upgrades can be done, and what do I need to do to
> > > make this car stop on a dime?  I figure since I'm going to be
> > > replacing pads and rotors, I might as well go ahead and
> > > upgrade. Peter '87 5KTQ'90 90Q20v
> >

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