90Q radiator problems

Peter Kirby peterk at nrs.mcgill.ca
Fri Sep 21 06:57:39 EDT 2001

I am on my third main radiator in 22 months.  The first one died of old age
but the last two (both aftermarket brass rads) have broken off the lower
mount from the bottom tank -- leaving either a hairline crack or other type
of hole (it must be very small since it leaks but only a small amount).  I
have tried using JB Weld on the mount but this hasn't worked to stop the

My plan now is to pull the radiator out andpatch up the lower tank with
solder or a piece of brass soldered over the area.  Any other suggestions
short of buying an OEM rad?

The problem is how do I get the left side mounting nut off -- it seems out
of reach of any tool that I have.  Do the power steering and washer tanks
have to come off first?


1988 90Q

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