Any VA listers here in Philly today? Plus 330xi impressions

TM t44tq at
Fri Sep 21 00:35:04 EDT 2001

Nice '95.5 S6 today at Philadelphia Park, Black/Platinum,
Autometer Phantom boost gauge, Virginia plates.

If you're local, give me a shout.

Got to do the BMW experience thing today- drove a couple
autox type laps in a 330xi automatic. Nice car, very cheap
interior for the price, but decent power (must be nice with
the manual) and very nice AWD feel. Got crushed in lap times-
over a second off the top guy and two off the instructors-
didn't realize how much grip was available considering how much
body roll there was even with standard 225/45R17 contis.

I'll take my 200 just for the sheer power, though. The 330xi
has a great stiff chassis, though. Needs H&R/Bilstein setup
and about 50 more hp to make it truly entertaining.


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