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Fri Sep 21 02:56:38 EDT 2001

one of my friends recently bought 1 of these boxs that measure g forces and extrapolate various data from the results.  i had to have a go......

60 ft      3.25s 0.35g  27.1mph
330 ft     7.91s 0.20g  50.9mph
1/8 Mile  11.83s 0.14g  63.4mph
1/4 Mile  18.10s 0.01g  77.7mph

 0-60MPH  10.74s 0.14g   561ft

 Peak G:  23.4mph   2.77s    42ft  0.46g


60 ft      3.17s 0.37g  26.9mph
330 ft     7.76s 0.23g  52.8mph
1/8 Mile  11.48s 0.16g  67.4mph
1/4 Mile  17.31s 0.13g  85.1mph

 0-60MPH   9.46s 0.21g   471ft

 Peak G:  12.5mph   1.48s    10ft  0.50g

 these are the 2 1/4 mile results i did,  the results arent good because i didnt get the best launches,  the first result i wheelspan far too much,  the second was better and incidently,  only came .8 secs slower and 4mph slower than his best run in his golf vr6 !!!
it was quite a damp night, there was the two of us in the car, 115-125kgs,  my toolbox, subbox and fuel , 50 kgs approx, and my cars ignition timing is currently far too advanced.   currently my 84 cgt has a k+n and free flowing exhaust.  bar that its stock.  a website i found quoted 16.5 i think on the quarter mile, and 8.9 0-60.  all in all i dont think thats a bad result for only 2 runs and a car full of stuff.......
we plan to run more runs and tweak the various settings on the box,  you have to figure in the pitching of the car, and drag factor, so these results are close, but not perfect,  incidently the quarter mile marks were about 2m apart, so it seemed fairly accurate.
i think they use the same gizmo on 
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