4kq questions

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Thu Sep 20 21:37:23 EDT 2001

Tach:  Check one of the small gauge wires at the distributor, one of 'em is the tach wire
Heater:  You need to replace the plastic heater valve.  It is about $17 and about 10 minutes to replace.
Short Shift:  Check out Blaufergnugen, I hear it is pretty good.  I am thinking of getting it myself
Shifter Bushings:  The ones at the shifter are pretty easy.  The one on the tranny at the end of the linkage is a beyotch!!! However, it makes a heck of a difference in the shifting.


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> the tach on my 85 4kq is not working- any ideas? also, I have heat all the
> time, despite the fact that i manually closed the heater valve all the way.
> anyone make a short shift kit for this car? and how hard are shifter
> bushings to install?
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