[audi20v] Re: Should I sell out? (Update)

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at nwonline.net
Thu Sep 20 17:53:46 EDT 2001

Hello Taka...........I don't drive like that much at all, and never in the 
last few years. Three speeding tickets with court appearances caused 
deep-seated behavioral changes that are permanent. But I did get to 
discover where my car ran best.  And I do drive now with an "almost-V1" and 
usually right at the posted limit (on cruise control.)  The electronics are 
just because I'm curious about who is out there, watching me. It is mostly 
lasers, with officers pointing them like rifles from fixed positions, just 
as I round a gentle corner......

But I have memories of the sweet spot...........the car just sort of 
smooths out and firms up, and everything feels like it was designed to do 
just what it is doing.


At 12:09 PM 9/20/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I second Doyt's recommendation- these cars are so much fun to drive
>that the maintenance aspect becomes rather secondary.
>Sweet spot at 100 mph? Man, I hope you drive around with a V1 and
>auto-scanning police scanner and CB radio.
>My car is capable of well over 130 mph (on a closed-course test track-
>I do not recommend exceeding posted speed limits), but the car prefers
>to cruise at speeds well below that, especially considering traffic
>conditions. Now if I were on the Autobahn in light traffic, that may
>be different- I'd love to be able to make a run up to NYC in 1 hr. or

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