1984 087 auto-trans almost locks in reverse

Nate Stuart stuart at cs.usm.maine.edu
Thu Sep 20 16:16:29 EDT 2001

Could it be that your gear selection cable has stretched/slipped, causing
the transmission to be somewhat between Reverse and Park? I can't recall the
exact layout of that linkage, if it is even possible, but I've had similar
issues in other'mobiles....

'89 90tq

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Subject: 1984 087 auto-trans almost locks in reverse

> The automatic transmission (087 three-speed) in my 1984 100 (WC
> engine, 185000 km/116000 miles) has developed a strange problem: When
> backing, it feels as if the brakes are dragging, except the resistance
> is jerky. The problem is noticeably worse when hot. Also, the "park"
> position does not work anymore. Should I start looking for a new
> transmission, or is there hope ?
> If I have to replace, would it be possible to install a four-speed
> transmission ?
> Here's the long version:
> One evening, I stuck it in first, and ran it a bit hard for a few
> minutes, alternating between full power accel and hard braking. It
> went on for no more than five minutes.
> When I got home, I noticed that the "park" would not "take". This has
> happened a couple of times before, so I just pulled the hand brake and
> went to bed.
> The next morning, I noticed the resistance when backing out. Knowing
> that the rear brakes were in horrible shape (pictures available if
> anyone is interested), I assumed the hand brake was sticking, and
> ordered some new rear brakes. Had thought about that for some time
> anyway, so I didn't check any further.
> After installing the new rear brakes (calipers, discs and pads), the
> hand brake works like it never has, and the stopping power has
> improved considerably (actually takes a little getting used to), but
> the transmission problem persists.
> Here are the tests I have done:
> - When I put the selector in "R", the transmission starts pulling
> right away, but after a small jerk backwards, the car stops. Adding
> throttle makes the car move backwards, but with considerable
> resistance. The resistance is not smooth, like with stuck brakes, but
> with noticeable jerkiness.
> - When the selector is in "N", the car rolls both forwards and
> backwards smoothly and frictionless.
> - When the selector is in "P", the car rolls just as well. Could this
> be related ?
> - On flat ground with the selector in "R", the car rocks easily back
> and forth within the slack in the driveshafts (all wheels move
> freely).
> - Backing uphill makes the problem much worse than on flat ground,
> probably because it takes even more throttle to move it.
> - With the front jacked up, the front wheels move smoothly both ways.
> With one wheel blocked, the other one moves smoothly, although a
> little more resistance when rotating backwards than forwards. The
> resistance is smooth and feels "hydraulic".

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