4kq or 5ktq wanted

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 20 13:05:46 EDT 2001

Hi listers,
A friend of mine wants a 4kq or a 5ktq, with a very difficult
set of parameters:

1. Must have full service history or very close to full service history

2. Must be pristine cosmetically, or close to pristine

3. Must not have any major mechanical problems or PITA little problems,
like inoperational driver's window, etc.

4. Must be inexpensive- under $4k, preferably $3k or less

If anyone knows of a car like this (yeah, well as close to it as possible),
please let me know. We are willing to travel pretty much anywhere from
NH to NC and as far west as IN or OH.

I know that's a pretty impossible set of parameters, but I was able to
find a damn-near perfect 200q after looking for a while (I owe you a couple
cases of Black & Tan for that one, Tom), so I figure a much easier to find
car wouldn't be as bad.

Also, 100/200q, 80/90q would be considered, although very few at that price
point. Wagon would be nice as well, but not essential.


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