Get together in Framingham MA... looking for amount of interest

Nate Stuart stuart at
Thu Sep 20 00:15:52 EDT 2001

> > How about that Fri, works much better for me.
> Yeah, I'm still up for it.. Friday sounds like a better day.
> > Hopefully I'll even have an
> > Audi to drive down....

Well, the 90 has a motor back where there used to be one, this one even ha a
turbo.... as for the running part that shouldn't be too long. It's the damn
shift linkage....

> Hehe... if not you can't bear the embarrasment of showing up in the scooby
> doo you can always ride down with me in the 4ktq.  You can drive ;-)

Hmmm, might have to take you up on that one ;-)

'89 90tq (mostly)

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