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Wed Sep 19 22:25:45 EDT 2001

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> > Here's the deal. I'm looking at a very used (214,000 miles) '89
> 100 Quattro.
> > It smokes and it won't move. Cause of the smoke seems obvious.
> It is the
> > won't move that makes me curious. I started the car, and
> without using the
> > clutch, I was able to shift fairly freely between gears. There was some
> > noise. Of course, I suspect the clutch is completely fried.
> But, is there
> > anything else in the drive line which could shear and give this result?
> > Tom Faust
> Not and create smoke  :-)
> If a CV joint in an axle or the center drive shaft was toast,
> you wouldn't be able to transmit power at all.  But, lock up
> the center differential and it should drive one end or the other.
>     - Charlie

Torsen centre on the 100q, you won't be able to manually lock it. Will the
car start in 1st gear? Move/drive in first? Is it smoking from the engine
bay or underneath the car? I'd hope it was cheap with these issues...

Chris Semple
Concord NH
'83 ur-q
   '87 4000q

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