quattro won't move

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Wed Sep 19 21:37:15 EDT 2001

Earlier, TWFAUST at aol.com wrote:
> Here's the deal. I'm looking at a very used (214,000 miles) '89 100 Quattro. 
> It smokes and it won't move. Cause of the smoke seems obvious. It is the 
> won't move that makes me curious. I started the car, and without using the 
> clutch, I was able to shift fairly freely between gears. There was some 
> noise. Of course, I suspect the clutch is completely fried. But, is there 
> anything else in the drive line which could shear and give this result? 
> Tom Faust

Not and create smoke  :-)

If a CV joint in an axle or the center drive shaft was toast,
you wouldn't be able to transmit power at all.  But, lock up
the center differential and it should drive one end or the other.

    - Charlie


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