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TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 19 00:31:09 EDT 2001

I believe the 959 was not sequentially turbocharged- it was a parallel
system with one turbo on each bank. The turbos had bypass valves, which
helped keep the turbo spooled-up, I distinctly remember that being
mentioned when the car hit all of the car magazines.

The 993 turbo is also parallel turbocharged, not sequential.

The only cars I know of that are available in the US that are sequentially
turbocharged are the '93+ Toyota Supra Turbo and the '93+ Mazda RX-7.

A sequential system on a flat engine would be difficult, in terms of
I saw Dave Eaton's comment regarding the Subaru Legacy B4- I would like to
the engine of that car just to see how they did the plumbing, must not be
easy to do it well. Is the Nissan Skyline GT-R sequential twin-turbo? I
know this, being a big fan of that car, but I can't remember offhand.

Does anyone know if the current Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 is sequential or

Not too many twin-turbo cars out there.

The craziest thing I ever heard was the way that one of the top import drag
racers spools up his turbo on his Supra- he uses something like a 100 shot
nitrous to spool up the turbo, otherwise his car won't spool it up, then
shuts the funny stuff down once the turbo spools up. Must be a wild ride.

There must be something inherently difficult or bad about sequential
because it seems to have fallen out of favor, due to either design or cost
Anyone care to elaborate/speculate on why this came to be?


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