Suspension update on 4kq

Luke Rickert rickert at
Tue Sep 18 15:40:16 EDT 2001

I spent a couple of hours this morning "testing" my new suspension set-up
on the lovely gravel roads around Walla Walla Washington.  With the new
struts, stiffer springs and a rear sway bar, it handles much better on the
gravel exhibiting mild oversteer to neutral handling. On pavement there is
considerably less lean and a better steering feel. It still is not
perfect, but much improved.  I think the ride would improve with 14 inch
wheels and 60 series tires. As it is now with the 205 15's the grip is
great but you feel every seam in the road. Although they are a bit large,
there are pictures of my car and rear sway bar install at through [. . .] audi5.jpg The
images do not show up on my web page yet, so you just have to type in the
names to get them.   I think I may make some shorter and stronger brackets
in the future, but is appears to work quite well.  I also included some
pictures of the car to show the effects of the spring swap I talked about
earlier in terms of ride height.  The picture with the road atlas is taken
straight on, the front air dam is slightly higher than an engineering
paper pad. (about 11.5 inches?)

Luke Rickert

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