4ksq exhaust

Tex Terry, II texactii at csonline.net
Tue Sep 18 12:28:11 EDT 2001

Brad  -  Since you mention below that all the hangers seem to be in
position and tight,  I will suggest that you check the engine motor mounts.
 If they are going bad, then you will have an additional plane of movement
that will put the complete exhaust system out of it's original position. 
This might be what is causing the pipe to connect to the body at the end

Tex Terry, II
83 5kt non-quattro
Franklin, PA  USA

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> Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 11:18:18 -0600
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> From: James Russell <jbr at montana.edu>
> Subject: 4ksq exhaust
> My exhaust systems rattles, well it is where the pipes come out under the
> body panel. Since the body panel has an exhaust "cut-out" for lack of a
> better word, the exhaust pipes hit the body panel and it it sounds like
> All the hangers seems to be there and all the connections should be
> Anyone else had this problem?  I remember hearing about a little custom
> work where they worked a deal to have pipe only after the first muffler,
> all there is a cat. and 1 muffler, I was wondering how it sounds, it is
> really loud or some what reasonable.  Since I am in Montana, there is no
> inspection or anything like that to worry about.  I am just curious if it
> was worth the money.
> Thanks 
> Brad Russell
> 84 4ksq

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