Alignment problems

John Karasaki johkar at
Mon Sep 17 22:22:58 EDT 2001

Hi all:

Our 1990 V8 automatic is having alignment issues.  The car use to be able
to align quite easily to -0.5 deg. camber on all 4 corners with in spec.
caster (not adjustable, right?).  Now after having all the suspension
bushings, bearings, strut mounts, etc. replaced, the shop can only get
-1.25 deg. camber on both side in the front.  Caster is all messed up at 2+
deg. on the left and 1.5+ on the right (should be reversed).  The rear
aligns fine.

I had used the wrong strut mounts (S4).  When those were replaced with the
5ktq part, it helped camber, but according to the shop, not much.  BTW,
There is at least a 1/4" difference in diameter between the '91+ 200, V8
and '92+ S4/S6 strut mounts.

This is a good shop in Portland who have done a great job on the three
other cars in our fleet.  Moreover, two of those cars are lowered.

In 1000 miles, the previous bad alignment, with similar caster issues, took
a brand new tire down to 7/32"!

BTW, the shop set the toe to 5 feet per mile IN.

Any idea what could cause these problems on a non-lowered car?  All parts
in the front suspension are stock.

TIA for any help.

Best Regards,

John Karasaki

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